How do offers work?

Buyers can make an immediate offer or message sellers for more information before making an offer.
  • Message the Seller -  this allows buyers and sellers to communicate before offers are made. Generally, this is where buyers ask the sellers questions or clarify information contained in the listing. Sellers will respond to queries via this messaging service. 
  • Make an Offer - buyers can make higher or lower offers than the listed price. A seller can either accept or reject the offer. If an offer is accepted, both parties will automatically receive prompts to conclude the deal and transaction via the Escrow service. 
We encourage both buyers and sellers to do proper due diligence, as you would with any other financial transaction or high-value purchase. 

Note: To make use of the security and services on IndieMaker, you need to buy and make offers through the platform. At IndieMaker, we are committed to assisting both buyer and seller through the sales process.  By using the IndieMaker platform, you are derisking your sales transaction on both ends. The seller receives payment, and the buyer gets the listed assets. We do not provide support for deals made outside of the platform. 

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