How can I sell my project quickly?

Promote your project via Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn and try to let others know that your project is on sale at 

If you are selling a domain, you can put a splash page up on the domain referring them back to the IndieMaker website. 

We also offer a range of promotional services called Power-Ups, which can be accessed from your Selling Dashboard

Power-Ups include:

  • Unlock listing - this enables you to engage with potential buyers via messaging and view, accept and reject offers
  • Promote on the home page - your listing appears in the featured section of the home page for the selected duration
  • Private listing - your listing will not show up in the marketplace or search results, you must share the link manually
  • Verify my listing - an IndieMaker admin will personally verify the authenticity and correctness of your listing
  • Feature in the newsletter - your listing will show up in the featured section of the weekly newsletter 
  • Feature on IndieMaker Twitter account - if the listing is approved, your listing will be tweeted to the IndieMaker Twitter account
  • Boost my search ranking - your listing will be prioritized over other listings that match a buyers search criteria for a selected period of time
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