What are the fees?

Sellers Fees

Unlocking Fees

Listing on the site is free. 
Once you receive leads to prospective buyers, we charge you to engage with the prospects and the following unlock fees become applicable:
Listing Price Unlock Fee
$0 to $100 $9
$101 to $300 $19
$301 to $600 $39
$601 to $1000 $59
$1001 to $5000 $99
$5001 to $10 000 $189
$10 000+ $250
Power-Up Fees
Sellers also have a range of tools and promotional opportunities available, these are called Power-Ups and are available from the Sellers Dashboard:
Power-Up Fee
Promote on Home page - 1 week $12
Promote on Home page - 2 weeks $24
Promote on Home page - 3 weeks $36
Promote on Home page - 4 weeks $48
Promote in newsletter $12
Promote via Twitter $9
Create a private listing $12
Verify your listing $55
Boost your search rankings - 1 week $12
Boost your search rankings - 2 weeks $24
Boost your search rankings - 3 weeks $36
Boost your search rankings - 4 weeks $48

Buyers Fees

Success Fees

IndieMaker's charge a platform success fee. The success fee is 12% of the accepted offer price or 7.5% if you have signed up to a Pro Subscription Plan. 

Transaction Fees

Buyers will also be responsible for the Escrow transaction fees. 
Fees will be automatically calculated for you once your offer is accepted. 

Subscription Fees

Free Plan Pro Plan
$0/month $19/month
12% success fee 7.5% success fee
Regular support Premium support
Free listings Free listings

Discounted unlock fees

Custom username

Premium forum access
IndieMaker Pro Badge
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