What is Escrow?

We see Escrow as a cost of doing business that is a necessary insurance policy to safely transact internationally or with strangers. 

As a Buyer
Escrow protects you by securely holding onto your payment until you authorise the payment to be released after you confirm receipt of the assets. 
If you have any concerns related to the transfer of assets, you can contact support to help resolve the matter, while your payment remains securely within Escrow. 
As a Seller
Escrow protects you by notifying you when a buyers payment has been received and cleared so that you can start the asset transfer. You should only transfer assets after you have received the payment notification.
Notes for Buyers and Sellers
Escrow will verify each person as part of the customer identification and verification procedure.
Please note that it is both the buyer and seller's responsibility to conduct due diligence and assessments before the transaction commences. 
Buyers and sellers should conclude a sales agreement between themselves capturing the amount of payment, frequency, period or instalments and any performance targets for payment release.
Once payment is transferred from Escrow to the seller, or assets are transferred to a buyer, the sales process is deemed to be completed. 
Escrow currently accepts bank or wire transfers and major debit or credit cards. 
Milestone and instalment payments are available. The buyer will still have to make full payment for the sale amount into Escrow at the start of the payment process. Instalments payments can then be released as agreed. Please contact support if you wish to establish milestone or instalment payments.
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