Sellers Guide

Here is a quick snapshot of how to sell side-projects, products, domains, social media accounts and micro-businesses on IndieMaker.

1. Create an account

IndieMaker accounts allow you to both buy and sell under one account.  You must be a registered user with a completed profile and validated email address to buy or sell on the platform. 

To protect buyers and sellers, accounts need to be older than 24 hours to be able to send offers, messages and create forum posts. 
Register here to create an account or log in to the platform.
2. Create a listing
You can create a listing by clicking on one of these options:

IndieMaker makes adding a listing to the platform very easy while ensuring that prospective buyers have enough information up front. Having a high-quality listing saves time and effort as you don't have to answer questions from multiple buyers individually and potentially receive legitimate offers faster. 

Here are some tips on what to include in your listings:

  • The listing description should state what it is and present your listing as an attractive opportunity. 
  • Ensure that you cover what your project, product or business does, what industry or vertical it operates in, what customer base it is designed to serve.
  • It's also useful to include what type of buyer it will suite - make mention of potential buyers with specific interests or skills. 
  • Add financial and performance data - buyers are looking to see data on the number of visitors, downloads, site traffic, revenue and expenses.
  • Please ensure that your listing aligns with our content submission guidelines
  • If you have any questions about your listing or would like any assistance, please contact us ( as our team are happy to help.
3. Promote your listing
We have created seller tools and promotion opportunities in a feature called Power-Ups.
  • Unlock listing - this enables you to engage with potential buyers via messaging and view, accept and reject offers
  • Promote on the home page - your listing appears in the featured section of the home page for the selected duration
  • Private listing - your listing will not show up in the marketplace or search results, you must share the link manually
  • Verify my listing - an IndieMaker admin will personally verify the authenticity and correctness of your listing
  • Feature in the newsletter - your listing will show up in the featured section of the weekly newsletter 
  • Feature on IndieMaker Twitter account - if the listing is approved, your listing will be tweeted to the IndieMaker Twitter account
  • Boost my search ranking - your listing will be prioritized over other listings that match a buyers search criteria for a selected period of time
4. Engage with Prospective Buyers
When buyers are interested in your listing, they will message you via the platform's messaging service. This is an opportunity to answer all the buyers questions and concerns. Once a buyer is satisfied that they have enough information to proceed, they will make an offer. You will then be able to accept or reject the offer. Once an offer is accepted the system will prompt the buyer for payment and guide both buyer and seller to conclude the deal.  
Do not accept offers from buyers you don't want to sell your listings to. We strongly suggest you take your time in talking to the buyers. 
5. Payment and Asset Handover 
The system will prompt you for all the necessary actions to conclude the transaction safely and securely via Escrow. Buyers pay the listing fee and a success fee for the platform. 
For more information about selling on IndieMaker please refer to our Sellers Terms.
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